TARGET – Bullseye

In 2020, Target realized it was time for a rebrand of their Inglewood, CA store. With the LA Rams moving in next door and the store’s proximity to Los Angeles International Airport, this was a perfect time.

TARGET – Road to 500

This short film was a celebration. In 2015, Target set a goal of converting 500 of their facilities’ rooftops to solar power. In the spring of 2019, construction began on that 500th building amidst the breathtaking beauty of Napa Valley. Not only was it a monumental moment in Target’s history but they were able to accomplish it a year ahead of schedule.

TARGET – Time-lapse

In the Spring of 2022, Target rolled out its first Net Zero Energy Store in Vista, CA. To reach their goal, Target built a Carport Solar system that helps the store produce 1.94 MWh annually. The construction allowed for the implementation of an EV Charging station and HVAC Electrification.