Our Story

Drone Drafting is the leader in providing site mapping for the solar industry. We support Engineering Firms, Developers, Asset Managers, and O&M providers to accurately map and maintain PV systems across the country. Founded in 2015, through our CEO’s expertise in cinematography, our drones allow us to map the proposed PV system area and deliver inch-accurate results within days. Since our inception, Drone Drafting has mapped thousands of sites all across the country. Drone Drafting also offers a multitude of drone-based services to support your team at any point in the project stage. From Infrared Scans to Marketing to Construction Oversight, we have the know-how to complete all of your requests. And with our extensive network of pilots, no site is unreachable.

Paul Callahan


As long as he can remember, Paul has had a camera in his hand. After earning his B.A. in Political Science from Villanova, he immersed himself in filmmaking; writing, directing, and editing feature films that required extensive time in both Cuba and Vietnam. While shooting in Saigon, Paul discovered the new and thrilling world of drones and quickly saw that his future lay in aerial photography. Since 2015, Paul has worked tirelessly to make Drone Drafting the leader in site mapping for the solar industry.

Carlos Espinel

Chief Pilot / Senior Manager

Emmett Witmer

Director of Operations

Marcela Cifuentes

CAD and Geospatial Data Engineer

Leo Tepoxtecatl

CAD and Geospatial Data Engineer

Henry Wang

CAD and Geospatial Data Engineer